Innovation in communication of healthcare profession with cutting-edge VR technology


We provice Holoeyes XR as an application software for next generation to support the communication in the healthcare profession

To use our service

  • Upload the CT data

    Upload the POLYGON file (STL/OBJ) from our service website

  • Conversion into 3D image & generation of a case specific application

    After uploading the data, 3D image is autonmatically converted as a case-specific VR/MR application. You can download the application onto your own device.

  • Utilize Holoeyes XR service in your daily medical setting
Total: 15 minutes from the upload of data until the generation of an application Ready to use


Holoeyes creates a new point of “view”,
and accelerates the understanding within the people who works in the medical/healthcare field,
in order to bring in safety and relief for patients. Medical Field x Leading Edge Technology Crossover


Why are patients been examined and judged by 2D pictures, while human bodies are three dimensional objects? We provide a new solution that enables hospital staffs to share complicated information instinctively, and the communicate with less barriers.

Before, imagination was needed to understand the patient’s condition.

Doctors conducted examinations and plans for surgeries based on CT scan photo.

Now, doctors can have intuitive understandings from CT scan data

and convert it into 3D output


Virtual reality makes 3D point of view closer
that allows a smoother communication within the day-to-day medical field.

We provide services using VR and MR to healthcare field, as well as medical education. In addition, we convert those 3D data and store them into a digital library for browsing. With digitalized data, clients are able to share experiences, mark archives, search data, rewind past experiences, or mashup those data.


Medical, Technology, Internet Business
Professionals from each sector will take approaches from all directions.


Company Name
Holoeyes Inc.
Naoji Taniguchi, Maki Sugimoto
Established Date
2016, October
#303 Mourin-building
2-17-3 Minami Aoyama
Minatoku Tokyo