GITEX 2022 Dubai World Trade CentreでJETRO J-StartupブースにHoloeyesを展示いたしました。

2022年10月10日〜10月13日、GITEX 2022 Dubai World Trade Centreで “Discover The Next WOW Japanese Startups” をテーマにJETRO J-StartupブースにHoloeyesを展示いたしました。

Holoeves MD/XR/Edu is a virtual reality software that dramatically enhances medical treatments, procedure planning and education.
Holoeyes’ VR platform fuses technology and medicine enabling medical professionals and students to share complex information intuitively and with greater understanding and transparency than conventional 2D imaging techniques.

Our solution:
Medical education and surgical procedure support.
Major Value:
Enable to capture & understand patient’s organ details in AR, VR, XR, and MR.

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